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Control more with Logitech Harmony Hub

Harmony Hub gives you powerful control of connected home automation and entertainment devices. Integrate lights, shades, and home temperature settings into your one touch Harmony experience.

Complete control now extends beyond the living room.

Logitech Harmony Home Hub Extender may not be available in your region.

Go even further with Harmony Home Hub Extender

Connect directly with motion sensors, light switches, door locks and other devices that use the Z-Wave Plus™ or ZigBee® network. Automatically turn on your TV when you walk into your living room, or lock your front door when starting to Watch TV.

Light Bulbs






Z-Wave and Zigbee Hubs


The Harmony Team has tested the above device list; however additional Z-Wave Plus™ or ZigBee® devices may also work. Place Harmony into pairing mode and then follow the inclusion/pairing instructions that came with your endpoint.


Light bulbs, door locks, open/close sensors, motion sensors, light switches, applicance modules and plugs should work. You may also join other Z-Wave gateways as a second controller.


It's known that smoke/CO detectors, cameras, energy management devices or moisture, brightness, sound and glass break sensors may not currently work with Harmony.

We'd love to hear about your experience with Home Hub Extender, what type of Activities or triggers you've created or would like us to improve on, and whether you've tried to add devices not found on our compatibility page. Chat with us on our community forums.

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