Harmony remote batteries

The battery life in the Harmony remote will vary depending on usage. As your Harmony replaces all of the remotes in your home entertainment center, it is doing the work of multiple remotes which can drain batteries at a faster rate than a single device remote.

Harmony will retain all of your device and Activity information when replacing your batteries.

Harmony Pro, Elite & 950

The Harmony Pro, Elite and 950 remotes use one rechargeable lithium ion battery. If you're looking for a replacement, one can be purchased in the Logitech Spare Parts store (in the Batteries section).

Remove battery

  1. Open the USB port cover and use a #0 Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws.
  2. Remove the end cap and two screws on the underside of the remote, you should now be able to lift the baseplate.
  3. Lift the battery and disconnect the cable to remove the battery from the remote.

Insert battery

  1. Connect the battery's power cable and insert the battery.
  2. Re-attach the bottom case and replace the screws.
  3. Replace the end cap, screws, and USB port cover.
Replacing Harmony Elite + 950 battery

Harmony Ultimate, Ultimate One, Touch & Ultimate Home


The battery in Harmony Touch, Ultimate and Ultimate Home remotes is rechargeable and not replaceable. You should only attempt to remove the battery from the remote at the end of the product's life for proper recycling.

  1. Open the USB flap on the bottom of the remote, remove the label and remove the screw.
  2. Separate the top of the case from the bottom. This may take some force.
  3. Unplug the wire connector, then remove the four screws that secure the battery holder.
  4. Unplug the battery connector and remove the battery.
  5. Dispose of the battery and product according to your local laws.
Harmony Touch and Ultimate battery

Harmony recommends keeping your remote in the charging cradle when not in use. This will ensure the batteries stay full and will help avoid misplacing the remote.

Smart Control & Home Control

Harmony Smart Control and Companion (formerly Home Control) remotes use one, three volt coin cell lithium battery, type CR2032. Under normal remote usage, the battery is expected to last one year.

  1. Using two thumbs, slide the battery compartment open.
  2. Push down on the battery to spring it loose.
  3. Replace the battery and slide the battery cover back on.
Harmony Smart Control battery

Harmony 200/300/350/600/650/700

Harmony 200/300/350/600/650/700 remotes use two AA batteries.

  1. Slide off the battery cover.
  2. Pull up the battery tab which will make removal of the batteries easier.
    (for Harmony 600/650/700 remotes only)
  3. Insert two new AA batteries, remembering to keep the tab positioned underneath for future removal. You should always replace the batteries in pairs, and both batteries should be of the same type.
  4. Replace the battery cover.

Avoid dropping the Harmony remote onto hard surfaces or in a vertical position as this may cause the remote to reboot. If the remote reboots when pressing a button, try replacing the batteries.

Replacing Harmony Smart Keyboard batteries

Harmony Smart Keyboard uses two AA batteries. Under normal remote usage, the battery is expected to last one year.

  1. Flip the keyboard over.
  2. Using two thumbs, slide the battery compartment open.
  3. Replace the batteries and slide the battery cover back on.
    • Don't mix old and new batteries.
Harmony Smart Keyboard battery

Harmony One

The Harmony One remotes use one rechargeable lithium ion battery.

  1. Flip the remote over.
  2. Using one thumb, press down the battery cover release button.
  3. While the button is pressed, slide the battery compartment open with your other thumb.
  4. Replace the battery and slide the battery cover back on.
Replacing Harmony One battery
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