Harmony Hub LED status

The LED light located on the front of the Harmony Hub may be used to identify the state of the Harmony system.

  • LED Status
  • Off
    The Hub is not plugged in
    • Check that the Hub is connected to the original AC power adapter that it came with. Although other USB cables may fit, they may not provide enough power.
    • If connected to a power bar/strip, ensure that it's switched on.
  • Solid red
    The Hub is powering on
    • The Hub will take 30 seconds to power on. Until then, it will not be detected by the Harmony App, nor by myharmony.com.
    The Hub is on, but does not have a user configuration
    • Harmony must know about your devices & Activities before it can be used. View your products quick start guide to get started.
    There is a problem connecting to Wi‑Fi
    • The Hub is unable to connect to your home's Wi‑Fi. View our Harmony Hub frequently disconnects from Wi‑Fi support article.
    • Note: Wi‑Fi is optional for the Harmony Ultimate remote. If not configured for Wi‑Fi, the LED will not turn red for this reason.
  • Blinking red
    The Hub is in pairing mode
    • The Hub is attempting to pair with a Bluetooth device.
    • The Hub is attempting to pair with Harmony Smart Control, Harmony Smart Keyboard or the Harmony Ultimate remote. As remotes come pre-paired with the Hub, there is no need to pair them as part of setup.
    The Hub is downloading firmware or a user configuration
    • If syncing from myharmony.com, the LED will turn red when receiving an update.
    • The Harmony Ultimate remote or Harmony App may have initiated a firmware or user configuration update.
    • Firmware and user configuration updates may take up to 5 minutes.
    • The LED will blink red rapidly when firmware is being installed.
    The Hub is performing a factory reset
  • Solid green
    The Hub is operating normally
    • The Hub has a proper user configuration for your devices and Activities.
    • If configured for Wi‑Fi, the Hub is successfully able to connect.
  • Blinking green
    The Hub is sending a command to one of your devices
    • Commands are being sent to one or more of your devices using IR or Bluetooth.
    • Commands sent over Wi‑Fi to a Philips hue bridge will not cause the LED to blink.
  • Blinking red/green steadily
    There may be an error with the Hub
    • If the LED is steadily blinking red and green for several minutes, then unplug the Hub for 10 seconds, then plug it back in. Otherwise, you may need to factory reset your Hub.

    If the LED is not blinking between red and green steadily every second, but turns solid red occasionally, then view the Solid red LED status section above.

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