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It's not compatible with IR based remotes

It's compatible with Harmony hub‑based products

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Harmony and POP

Create POP recipes that include your Harmony Activities. Start and end Activities at the push of a button. For example, you can create a recipe that includes your Leaving home Activity. When you leave for the day, a single POP turns off your Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue lights, your Hunter Douglas shades lower and you're ready to go.

Create a recipe that includes your Welcome home Activity. When you arrive home, a long press on POP turns on your Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue lights, your TV turns on to one your favorite channels and you're ready to relax. When you POP with Harmony, you're in control of your family's comfort and convenience, all with the press of a button.


Set up your POP bridge
Install the Logitech POP app for your iOS or Android device and create an account. Once installed, launch the app and follow the on‑screen prompts.
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Add Harmony to POP
To add Harmony, launch the Logitech POP app and navigate to the MENU, tap Devices then + and select Harmony Hub. Next, tap FINISH and follow the on‑screen prompts.
Add Harmony


Once Harmony Hub has been added as a device in the Logitech POP app, you'll be able to configure Harmony Activities to trigger whenever your button (or switch) is pressed. Let's take a look at how you would go about adding a recipe that includes Harmony Hub.

Create a Harmony Hub recipe

  1. Launch the Logitech POP app and select your button (or switch) from the home screen.
  2. You'll notice some icons below your button (or switch) name, these are used to configure your trigger and press settings (single, double, long).
  3. Drag your Harmony Hub device to the center area where it says DRAG DEVICES HERE.
Harmony & POP User Flow
  1. Tap the Harmony Hub device you added, select your Activity, then tap .
  2. Finally, tap in the upper right-hand corner to complete your recipe.
Harmony & POP User Flow


My Activity includes a smart lock device

For security purposes, Harmony doesn't allow third party applications to control smart lock devices (e.g., August Smart Lock). This includes triggering Activities which include a smart lock device. Therefore, triggering an Activity that contains a smart lock device is not possible.

My POP button (or switch) has stopped working

Long pressing your POP button (or switch) for ten seconds or longer will factory reset your button (or switch). Be careful to ensure this doesn't happen unintentionally when long pressing.

I have more questions or suggestions

Join our Harmony product managers and the user community in our online user forums. If you have further questions specifically about Logitech POP, please search POP Support for a solution.

How Harmony integrates with POP

All Harmony hub‑based remotes

Harmony connects with the POP servers, allowing you to trigger your Harmony Activities using the POP mobile app.

Harmony remotes without Harmony Hub

As Harmony and POP communicate using Bluetooth and your home Wi‑Fi network, Harmony products that do not come with a Wi‑Fi enabled Harmony Hub cannot integrate with POP.

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