Change device power-on order when starting an Activity

Harmony will optimize the order in which devices power on based on which devices take the longest to turn on. Sometimes this needs further customization if, for example, you need a certain device to turn on before or after another device.

To adjust the power-on order from the desktop software

  1. Sign in using the MyHarmony desktop software.
  2. Select your remote from the gallery.
  3. Select the Activities tab on the left side of the screen.
  4. Select the Activity for which you would like to adjust power on ordering for (ie. Watch a Movie).
  5. Click on Customize this Activity.
MyHarmony - Customize this Activity
  1. Hover your mouse over the reordering icon on the left, then drag and drop to change the order.

Remember to sync your remote after making any changes.

MyHarmony - start and leave actions

To adjust the power-on order from the Harmony app


  2. HarmonyApp - Customize this Activity
  3. Select the Activity you wish to modify.
  4. Select which command you wish to edit (e.g. START, END, etc.)
  5. Scroll down and press EDIT.
  6. Tap the grid then drag and drop to change the device power on order.

  7. HarmonyApp - start and leave actions

Additional notes

  • You can also specify the order in which devices power off by clicking the Activity shutdown commands section on the customization screen.
  • Harmony will send the input command as soon as that device is powered on, so it is not possible to reorder inputs.
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