Alexa and Google Home not working. Getting error E2018 when syncing the remote. (30-11-2022)

We have updated our servers to the latest AWS protocol from a security improvement.

If you've ever encountered problems with Alexa, Google Home, cloud-based devices not functioning properly, or getting error messages (such as E2018, E2010) while editing devices, activities, or syncing the remote.

We recommend you try the steps following below, which will address the issue.

Option 1: Launch the MyHarmony Desktop Software, and make a Sync. It will address the issue.

Option 2: If you don't have a PC or facing any issues in Syncing the remote with the MyHarmony Desktop Software, try the following steps and check if that helps.

  • Clear Harmony App Data/Cache. Note: This step will remove the customization(Ex. Favorites, button customization) you made on that mobile device.
  • Factory Reset the Harmony Hub.
  • Launch the Harmony Mobile App.
  • Login with an existing account..
  • Restore the account and make a Sync.
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