Harmony upgrades and combinations

Harmony allows you to upgrade your existing Harmony Hub or Harmony Ultimate One (or Harmony Touch) to further complete your living room experience.

All upgrade combinations require Harmony Hub. The hub is the center of Harmony home entertainment control and works to keep your devices and other Harmony components all in sync. There should only be one hub in your Harmony setup.

Harmony Hub may be paired with up to three additional components: Harmony Ultimate One (or Harmony Touch), Harmony Smart Control Add-on, or Harmony Smart Keyboard Add-on. Only one of each component type can be paired to a single Hub.

Harmony Hub

Already have a Harmony Ultimate, Smart Control or Smart Keyboard? You may add the additional components not already included in your Harmony system. Not all add-ons are available in all regions. Please visit myharmony.com/products to view the options available for your area.

Available upgrade combinations

Adding Smart Control Add-on or Smart Keyboard Add-on

Harmony Smart Control Add-on and Harmony Keyboard Add-on's are added to your existing remote using the Harmony smartphone app available from either Apple App Store or Google Play.

  1. Launch Harmony App and sign in to your Harmony account.
  2. Select Menu > Settings > Upgrade remote.
  3. Select the product you are adding and follow the pairing instructions.
Harmony App Add-on

Adding Harmony Hub or Smart Control

If you currently own a Harmony Ultimate One or Harmony Touch remote then you may add either a Harmony Ultimate Hub or Harmony Smart Control to your Harmony system.

  1. Sign into your MyHarmony account using the MyHarmony desktop software.
  2. Select your Harmony Ultimate One or Harmony Touch from the remote gallery.
  3. Select the Upgrade button in the left tab.
  4. Select Add Hub Now and follow the instructions.
MyHarmony Desktop Software Add-on

Adding Harmony Ultimate One or Touch

To add a Harmony Ultimate One (or Harmony Touch) remote to a Smart Control or Ultimate Hub, you must first set up the Harmony Ultimate One in your account and then upgrade the newly created remote with your existing Smart Control or Ultimate Hub. To make this process easier, use the Copy Settings function during setup to copy the home entertainment devices from the existing Smart Control or Ultimate Hub product.

  1. Sign into your MyHarmony account using the MyHarmony desktop software.
  2. From the remote gallery, select the Add remote button.
  3. Connect your Harmony Ultimate One remote.
  4. When prompted, select Copy Settings and select your existing Harmony Smart Control or Harmony Ultimate Hub.
MyHarmony Desktop Software Clone Remote
  1. Complete setup of your Harmony Ultimate One remote and sync your remote.
  2. You may then upgrade this remote with your existing Smart Control or Ultimate Hub. Learn more.

Once the upgrade is complete you may delete your existing, non-upgraded Harmony Smart Control from your MyHarmony account.

  1. Return to the Remote Gallery and select your previous Harmony Smart Control.
  2. Select Settings from the menu on the left.
  3. Select Remote this Remote and confirm.
    You will now have a single, upgraded Harmony remaining in your account.
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