Search for Your Device

Enter your device manufacturer and model number to see if it's supported by the Harmony database. View specific tips or suggestions for your device, or notify the Harmony Team when something's not right.

Harmony controls over 270,000 devices from over 6,000 brands.


Enter the manufacturer of one of your home entertainment devices.

Example manufacturers are Samsung, Philips, Sony, Vizio, Microsoft, Roku and Apple.

Model Number or Product Name

Enter the model number for your device.

It's important to type your model number correctly!

This is often found on the front of the device, or printed on a label found on the back or underneath the device.



Explore Home Control

View information about supported smart lights, thermostats and wireless speakers. Learn how to integrate them into the one-touch Harmony experience.

Complete control now extends beyond the living room.


Direct control

Harmony can connect directly to a variety of devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, and blinds.



Home Automation Platforms

Harmony also connect to other home automation platforms to expand the range of devices Harmony will interact with.