Harmony Express voice commands

Harmony Express lets you use your voice to choose the experience you want, let's walk through how that happens.

Turn on  TV 
Go to  ESPN 
Go to  Netflix  app

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Voice Control

Turning devices on and off

Turning on devices: Say "turn on" followed by your device name. For example, "turn on  Fire TV ", or "turn on  TV ".

Turning off devices: Say "turn off" followed by your device name. For example, "turn off  Fire TV ", or "turn off  TV ". You may also turn off your devices by holding the mute button for three seconds.

Go to apps

Harmony Express allows you to go to streaming apps, such as Netflix or YouTube, using your voice. You can say "Go to  Netflix  app” or "Go to  HBO Go  app. Harmony Express creates specific voice commands for each of your apps.

Go to channels

Channels must be called by their specific name or channel number for Harmony Express to find them. If any of the default channel numbers Harmony sets for you are wrong, for example if ESPN is on 302 but Harmony Express goes to 308, you can update your default channels to fix them.

Smart home

Associating Harmony Express to an Alexa smart home group allows you to set commands such as "dim the lights" to a single room, rather than dimming all the lights in your house. You can still say "dim the kitchen lights" or "dim all the lights", but primary control will be more focused towards its assigned smart home group.

To learn more about creating smart home groups, see: Create Smart Home Device Groups

Harmony Assistance

Harmony Voice Commands

You can access the voice coach by pressing the OK button and saying Start Harmony Voice Coach. When setting up your Harmony express, you will receive an email with example voice commands for your devices. You can also find voice commands used for your devices by launching the Harmony Express app and tapping What to say.

Harmony Voice Help

Did one of your devices not power on or switch to the correct input? You can say, "Start Harmony Help" and you will be asked a series of questions to help reconfigure your setup.

Questions & Answers

  • I lost my remote, how can I find it?
  • We know how important your time is and how easy it can be to misplace your remote. Harmony Express offers a solution for this called Remote Finder.

    1. 1. Launch the Harmony Express app.
    2. 2. Tap the remote icon on the right, mid-center side of the screen.
    3. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to locate your remote.

    4. What to say
  • How do I adjust the volume for the built-in speaker?
  • Your Harmony Express has a built-in speaker to reply to your commands (it's not designed for music playback). There are three different volume settings for the built-in speaker; Low, Medium, and High. Follow the steps below to adjust its setting.

    1. 1. Launch the Harmony Express app and tap Room Settings.
    2. 2. Adjust the slider underneath Remote Volume to your desired setting.
  • How does Harmony Express work with my other Alexa devices?
  • The way your Harmony Express works with other Alexa-enabled devices may vary, we recommending taking a look at: Harmony Experience with Amazon Alexa
  • Does Harmony Express listen to me all the time?
  • No. Harmony Express only listens to you when you're holding down the OK button.
  • How do I control multiple set-top-boxes?
  • If you have added multiple set-top-boxes to your acocunt, the secondary set-top-box will have limited voice control functionality, such as "turn on" and "turn off". The ability to select channels and control your secondary set-top-box with your voice will not be possible.
  • How do I control a single device in my setup?
  • You may control a device independently and utilize additional commands within the Harmony Express app.

    1. 1. Launch the Harmony Express app and tap the Device Settings.
    2. 2. Select the device you'd like to control and select Device Commands.
      • ◦ You will be presented with commands that you're able to send.
  • How do I create an Alexa Routine with Harmony Express?
  • Your Harmony Express can be used with Alexa Routines. Routines can be used to turn on smart home devices, get news, traffic, weather, and more. And you can activate a Routine based on time, when you enter a certain location, or using your voice.

    For more information and instructions to create an Alexa Routine, see: Create Alexa Routines for Smart Devices
  • How do raise or lower the volume in different increments?
  • When saying "turn up the volume" or "turn down the volume", Harmony will raise or lower the volume by its default increment, which is typically 6 or 7 units, depending on the devices in your setup.

    You can specify an alternate increment, between 1 and 20, if you want Harmony to raise or lower the volume by a different amount. For example, "turn up volume by 3", or "turn down volume by 10".

    The default value for volume can't be changed.

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