How to upgrade from Harmony Remote Software v7.x to MyHarmony

An overview of the steps required to update your remote from our older Harmony Remote Software v7.x to the new MyHarmony desktop software.

Why to upgrade


This article is only relevant for Harmony One, and 600/650/700.

If you own a compatible remote, such as Harmony 600, 650, 700 or the Harmony One, and have been using Harmony Remote Software v7.x — we strongly recommend upgrading to our current setup and configuration software, MyHarmony.

Your devices, Activities, any taught IR commands, configurations made to your device delay or device input settings will be copied from your old remote to your new one. Customizations made to your button mappings will revert back to the Harmony defaults; however, you may reconfigure these once setup is complete — Learn more. If your new remote supports Favorite Channels, you’ll be asked to set these up again.

How to upgrade

How to upgrade from Harmony Remote Software v7.x to MyHarmony

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Upgrading to MyHarmony software:

Once you've downloaded and installed the MyHarmony desktop software for your device, you'll need to add your remote and copy its prior configuration to the new software.

Already using MyHarmony for another remote?

If you're already using the MyHarmony desktop software for another Harmony remote, and would like to add this remote to your already existing MyHarmony configuration, please see: How to copy a previous remote configuration to a new remote

  1. Open the MyHarmony desktop software and enter your Harmony Remote Software v7.x credentials.
    • MyHarmony will recognize your login information from the older software and prompt you to create a new account using MyHarmony.
    • If you remember your login ID but don't remember your password, you can reset your password before attempting these steps.
    • If you don't remember your login ID, you must create a new account, and add your device(s) again.
  2. Click Create new MyHarmony account and enter your information. Once complete, you'll be prompted to copy your devices and Activities from your previous setup.
  3. Harmony Desktop Software Import Account
  4. Select Copy, enter your Harmony Remote Software v7.x credentials, and then click Sign In.
  5. You'll be asked to verify that the remote is the one you wish to copy. If so, select Yes.
  6. Once complete, you will receive a message that reads "Copied Successfully".
  7. Select OK, followed by Done.
    • Harmony remote models 600, 650, and 700 will be given the option to customize their 3 Activity buttons.
  8. Finally, select Sync to complete the process.
600 650 700 One

Select your remote

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