Harmony software comparison

Most features can be set up using both the Harmony mobile app and MyHarmony desktop software. However, some features are available using the Harmony mobile app that aren't available when using the MyHarmony desktop software (and vice versa). Use the chart below to determine which software is best to use when configuring your devices and/or Activities to use with software specific Harmony features.

Using Harmony
Software specific Harmony features MyHarmony Desktop Software Harmony mobile app
Set a Favorite Channel to start with your Activity
(e.g., Roku)
Not supported Check Mark
Create home control Activities Not supported Check Mark
Schedule an Activity to start or end Not supported Check Mark
Add light(s) to an Activity start or end sequence Not supported Check Mark
Change remote background Check Mark Not supported
Delete a remote from your account Check Mark Not supported
Re-pair your Dish receiver Check Mark Check Mark
Change Wi‑Fi network Check Mark Check Mark
Create New / Access existing accounts Check Mark Check Mark
Add / Delete / Modify devices Check Mark Check Mark
Add / Delete / Modify Activities Check Mark Check Mark
Button customization Check Mark Check Mark
Importing accounts during setup Check Mark Check Mark
Create sequences Check Mark Check Mark
Customize favorites* Check Mark Check Mark

* MyHarmony only customizes buttons for the remote, customizations made using the Harmony mobile app are specific to that mobile device. This includes reordering Activities, deleting or editing Favorite Channels after initial setup, and customizations made to the Activity command screen.

Harmony software downloads

You can use the MyHarmony desktop software for your personal computer, or the Harmony mobile app (Below) for your tablet or smartphone.

iOS Google
Elite Home Control Home Hub Hub Smart Keyboard Link One Smart Control Companion Touch Ultimate Ultimate Home Ultimate Hub Ultimate One 950 Pro 200/300/350 600/650/665/700

Select your remote

We need to know which type of remote you have in order to provide you the correct instructions. Please select from one of the options below in order to get started.

Harmony Hub-based Remote My remote uses Harmony Hub
Harmony IR Remote (no hub) My remote doesn't use a hub

Incompatible Remote

Instructions on this page are not relevant for the Harmony remote you've selected.


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