Harmony Pro Portal

Customized with time-saving tools and resources to easily create and manage Logitech Harmony client accounts. If you're searching for the portal itself or trying to create a Harmony installer account, see: pro.myharmony.com

Introducing Harmony Pro Portal

Meet the Harmony Pro Portal, a host of web-based productivity tools to help installers like you create, manage and configure client accounts throughout the installation process — whether you're on-site at the client's home, or off-site at your own. Plus, a dedicated Harmony technical support line for fast, in the field support and webinar training, will keep you up to speed on the latest Harmony advancements.

Manage clients with ease:

  • Set up and manage unlimited client accounts using one dashboard.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues or configure your Harmony remote.
  • Preload Harmony firmware and copy settings from template accounts or previous installations.
  • Promote your own support email and phone number directly in the end user's Harmony remote.
  • Save time by preloading a Harmony remote to the latest firmware before visiting your client.

Enhanced off-site support:
*Only available on the Harmony mobile app

  • Modify an Activity start or end schedule.
  • Create home control Activities for lights, blinds, thermostats and locks.
  • Modify Activities that include home control devices.
  • Modify or edit an Activity starting channel for TV, Roku or Sonos.
  • Run a device discovery to detect newly added lights, blinds and any other devices that Harmony can discover on the network.

Advanced tools:

  • Get instant access wherever you are; using Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices.
  • Reset any Harmony remote to factory settings.
  • Unpair a remote from a client hub.
  • Update remote firmware.
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