Harmony Elite remote user guide

This article guides you through the Harmony Elite remote features. To see the full article, scan the QR Code or go to: https://support.myharmony.com/pro-2400-features

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Remote overview

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  1. Activities: Harmony controls Activities such as Watching TV or Playing a Game. Once set up, starting your Watch TV Activity and your volume will automatically control the stereo, and channels will automatically change your TV.
  2. Off Button: Turns off all the devices included in the Activity. For example, powering off your Watch TV Activity will power off the TV, cable box and soundbar. *Some devices may be set by the remote to remain on all the time.
    • Tip: You do not need to press Off when switching between two Activities. Harmony will remember what is powered on and only change what's needed.
  3. Devices Screen: Primarily designed to access home control devices such as lights, thermostats, and locks. Individual AV devices should not be accessed in device mode for daily use.
  4. Home Control Buttons: Controls your smart home devices. Each button will either have an individual or group of lights or smart plugs assigned. A short press of the a home control button will power on your device(s), performing a long press will power off them off.
  5. Battery/Time Toggle: Allows you to easily toggle between displaying the time or your battery with its current charge state.

Help feature

Did one of your devices not power on, or switch to the correct input? The Harmony Help feature will bring everything back in sync in case of a power outage or if a device was unplugged. For more information, see: Using the Harmony help feature

Harmony Help Feature

Favorite channels

Favorite channels allow you to switch directly to a channel without having to enter the channel number.


Favorites can be launched when everything is off, simply select a Favorite and Harmony with start the Watch TV Activity and tune the TV to the selected Favorite channel.

Harmony Favorite Channels

Activity Sleep Timer

Add a sleep timer to your Activity. While the Activity is running, select MENU > Sleep Timer, and choose when you want Harmony to power everything off.

Sleep timer on remote

How to enable cleaning mode

Enable the Remote Lock option to wipe down the buttons and touch screen without activating anything.

Enable the Remote Lock
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Harmony Helper

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